Swimming is a workout for your body

Intensive classes in this sport give the necessary load on the body, speed up metabolism. It’s a less traumatic sport compared to running or training in the gym.

Your body is affected not by two but by three forces – pressure and water resistance in addition. Swimming is great for relieving stress.

Exercises in the pool help reduce anxiety, calm the nerves, lower blood pressure and have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. This workout burns more calories with less strain on the joints. We recommend water sports to athletes who are injured or overweight. You will actively train, burn calories, but your joints will not be affected. Swimming differently affects the body at different ages.
Our famous swimming pool is suitable for both children’s and adult, experienced athletes’ trainings. Panorama Chevalier offers the most comfortable conditions for your workouts at any age.

The principle of training is to acquire a stable long-term adaptation to conditions close to those in which athletes will perform. Our modern pool and experienced coaches give you the opportunity to professionally improve your skills and reach new sports peaks under the cover of the mountains.