Готельний комплекс в серці Карпат - Chevalier Panorama
Catch your second wind

Catch your second wind

Chevalier Panorama is located in the village of Yablunytsia, at an altitude of about 1000 m above mean sea level. Thanks to this, you can contemplate the highest pints of Ukraine – Hoverla and the peaks of the Montenegrin ridge directly from the windows of our hotel

We are open to sports competitions and tournaments, any kinds of camps and trainings either for children or adults, seminars, conferences, religious meetings, group retreats and many other events.

Stay on top with Chevalier Panorama!

Catch your second wind


We can host 600 athletes simultaneously!

Chevalier Panorama is a unique project that offers a new format of comfortable living for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts from around the world.


Comprehensive breakfast, lunch and dinner in the line format – fast, convenient, nutritious

Near the reception on the first floor, there is a spacious dining room for 135 people. 

The meal schedule is planned according to your wishes and posted right at the entrance to the dining room for easier orientation of groups and camps


Chevalier Panorama is an oasis for the actual and potential champions

Various competitions, tournaments and sport meetings take place here. There is enough space for award ceremonies, coffee breaks and holiday buffets.

Choose a healthy vacation!

Chevalier Panorama provides every opportunity to ensure your stay is as safe as possible!

We adhere to all sanitary and epidemiological norms and guarantee the necessary conditions for emergency care on site

All the staff of the complex are vaccinated, so you can not worry about the possibility of spreading the virus