When you know how to protect yourself, your mind becomes a little more relaxed, and you feel that you are in control of your emotions and yourself in general.

According to Japanese classification Judo belongs to the modern martial arts

In 1887, Professor Jigoro Kano finally formed the judo technique. The first world championship took place in Tokyo in 1956, after which such competitions began to be held regularly and not only in Japan. For many years in judo there were no weight categories.

Japanese believed, the main thing is not strength, but the art of owning secret technology.

After the defeat of the Japanese at the fourth World Cup, the rules were changed and weight categories appeared. Since 1964, Judo has been part of the Olympic program.

The first Women’s World Championships appeared in 1980, and in 1992 women’s judo competitions were included in the official program of the Barcelona Summer Olympic Games.