Kickboxing is a martial art in which both hands and lower limbs are involved.

This kind of sport combines mixed martial arts and boxing.

Fighters must be able to use both elements of mixed martial arts and boxing. The face-to-face fight turns into an exciting show, and the audience is happy to watch the blows, blows and blows to the body.

This sport first appeared in America in the 60-70s of last century. The term “kickboxing” was coined by Chuck Norris. First, English boxing and Karate were combined, and then the techniques of Taekwon-do and Thai boxing were added.

When martial arts were just emerging, all kinds of kicks and punches were allowed. Post hoc rules have changed and are strictly adhered today.

The way to victory lies through knockout, collected points and the inability of the opponent to continue the fight. If a participant does not show up, he will be automatically disqualified.

Required equipment:

  • Helmet on the head.
  • Elastic bandages on the wrists.
  • Kickboxing gloves.
  • Cap-protection for the oral cavity.
  • Groin protection.
  • Foot protection.
  • Shank pads.
  • Chest protector for women.
  • Athletes wear pants or shorts only.